Interactive Installations and Fulldome Solutions

We use technologies as a tool for multimedia shows, check-in systems at events, or for multi-touch interfaces for a large audiences. Our solutions are interactive – they react to events and movement. They turn regular mechanics and aspects of the environment into hi-end tools of communications: walls, floors, stairs, windows, trees, or clothing for example. Fulldome technologies allow us to create an immersive virtual experience, enveloping the audience into the action. Images settle over the audience and surround it, forcing participants into the virtual world. Fulldome technology we use features: automatic digital projection calibration, always with astounding image quality irrespective of the size of the dome, single media servers, wireless control via Apple iPad, compatibility with all types of projectors, direct playback of VR 360 videos, 3D 360-degree video content, interactive dome games, VJing, tools for creating presentations, Fulldome theaters and mobile Fulldome solutions. All of this can be of different sizes and can be a main platform for the duration of an event, like an additional WOW zone. We integrate custom-made interactive and video solutions with Fulldome technology. This allows us to take on the most varying and complicated challenges for events, parties, concerts, presentation, and any other destinations.

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