Freckled Sky is a team of multimedia creators and technology experts – artists, directors, designers and engineers. We are dedicated to the design and production of interactive shows and events. We tell stories and bring immersive experiences to the viewer. We blend projection, lighting, interactive solutions and special effects to create new forms of entertainment.

Freckled Sky was established at 2013 in Chicago by three partners, Val Syganevich, Natasha Syganevich, and Katya Korobko. We began in the entertainment industry in 2000 in Ukraine and then started our own event agency in 2006. In 2012 we produced our first interactive show, and it changed our lives forever. The most important step in our entire career was our participation in America’s Got Talent in 2015, where we proved that there is a new language in entertainment, and we know how to speak it.

In 2016, a trio of creative directors – TRI Direction – joined us. Having the creative directors in-house empowered us to produce next level shows. The trio has a multitude of TV and live show productions behind their belts. They possess unique creative taste and integral vision that lead them to unorthodox technological and artistic solutions on every level.

Live events, concerts, tours, theater, opera, ballet, corporate events, installations, theme parks, museums, trade shows, product launches, advertising.

Our expertise
Concept development, scenic design, creative direction, lighting design, video engineering and production, 3D mapping, stage direction and show control, live event production.

We work worldwide
We launched in 2015 from Los Angeles, CA – the heart of the entertainment industry. Since then we frequented not only US, but also four continents. We held shows all across Europe: in London, Berlin, Roma, Paris… Freckled Sky is known in India, Turkey, Panama, Egypt, and UAE. To be continued…

Our Partners

Front Pictures is our extraordinary partner that specializes in engineering, technical solutions, software development, video, and interactive design production for the entertainment industry. Their work elevated Freckled Sky from creating video content to building fulldome hardware, software, and architecture. In our works, we use the most innovative technologies showcased by Front Pictures.

Profi Innovations pulls off the limits of what is called extraordinary. They bring outstanding solutions and extensions for robotics and high speed kinetic winches creating shows of a different scale and complexity that have no limits to perfection.