Design, Creative Direction, and Production

We design, direct and create large-scale shows as well as small concerts. Our team works on live TV projects all around the world.

Multimedia and Holographic Shows

Our interactive shows are multimedia stories with plot and action, whether it’s a 2-minute dance or 90-minute musical, where performers interact with the video-content, lights, special effects, or any other elements.

Water Projections

Experience with the creation of water projection shows allows our team to develop the only proprietary interactive water screen projection technology in the world, one that lets performers interact with holographic video content.

Motion Graphics and Video-content Production

We create video-content and video-decorations of various complexity for live concerts and tours, sports shows and awards ceremonies…

Robots and Kinetics

We create high-tech shows using cutting-edge programmable robotics and high speed kinetic winches. These tools allow us to create spectacular next level performances and mind blowing permanent interactive installation for multimedia музеев, night clubs and immersive spaces.

3D Projection Mapping

3D mapping is a way of storytelling executed through transformation of reality with the help of projection. We coalesce video content production, engineering, set design, development, 3D mapping show control, unique super-powerful flexible hardware and software solutions.

Interactive Installations and Fulldome Solutions

We use technologies as a tool for multimedia shows, check-in systems at events, or for multi-touch interfaces for a large audiences. Our solutions are interactive – they react to events and movement.

Multimedia Art Spaces and Museums

Multimedia Gallery is a 360-degree projection panorama of about 15,000 sq. ft. with 46.9 Mpx resolution, 52 projectors, and one iPad-controllable media-server. Such a multimedia installation can be adapted to different venue sizes and destinations.


We develop the set design and prepare visual presets for VJ’s sets. There are no tangible limitations in the shapes of the screens for playback of VJ sets. Combined with other technologies such as motion capture, VJing takes on interactive forms.