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From the world's class live entertainment to mastering experience design.

Chicago, USA — 2023

Freckled Sky combined its creative expertise from live entertainment and the world's biggest TV productions with mixed-reality storytelling approaches, bringing it to shows, experiences, and attraction design in Themed Entertainment.

In 2023, our team underwent a notable transformation, celebrating a new chapter in our business trajectory. Formerly positioned as a service provider in the realms of live music productions, special events, and product launches, we diversified our portfolio by entering the themed entertainment market through an ambitious undertaking with Disney in Europe. At the same moment, we were working on creative developments for innovative shows and experiences in the US, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East, catering to the theme entertainment sector. Furthermore, we broadened our scope by introducing a reimagined, next-generation iteration of a cherished classic attraction developed in collaboration with industry players.

The most pivotal shift occurred with the introduction of our own IP - a Live Mixed-Reality Universe that stands unprecedented in its novelty. Our objective is to create captivating and memorable experiences tailored for the a forthcoming generation. Anticipating the year ahead, we eagerly look forward to revolutionizing the entertainment landscape through our distinctive creative vision, aiming to astonish the industry with unparalleled illusions that require no supplementary devices for experiential engagement.

Celebrating a decade of Freckled Sky!

We celebrated 10 years at Freckled Sky! Our journey began in 2013, a wild decision after shutting down our creative agency in Ukraine. No plan, no believers except one friend — just a dream and belief in America. Success here means success worldwide, or so we believed then and still do. The name Freckled Sky, inspired by the "Upsidedown World" from our founders' father's poetry book, emerged victorious after some questionable alternatives. The first year in the US was a struggle — no money, English, friends, connections, or history. Knocking on every door, trying to showcase our skills, until America’s Got Talent changed the game. The American Dream: Dolby Theater, the first call from an agent, millions of views, global recognition, and projects with big names worldwide: Lil Yachty x Spotify, Paula Abdul's tour, Pink at Brit Awards, James Arthur at Britain’s Got Talent, Met Opera event for Olena Zelenska foundation with Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Fallon, Matt Damon… so much to learn and so much in front of us!

Stay tuned for more, the sky is freckled!


The Eurovision Song Contest has been a momentous event for us, our friends and our partners this year! Together with the best international talents, we’ve created a powerful mixed-reality performance titled “Welcome to Our House,” performed by Ukrainian singer Alyosha — who symbolically represented Ukrainian women-refugees — and Liverpool’s very own critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter Rebecca Ferguson, who symbolizes Europe's support of Ukraine during these trying times.

As Ukrainian-Americans, we've experienced terrifying struggles during these perilous past years, and we're continuing to cope as we stand behind and support Ukrainians in every possible way. The story in the performance illustrates the path of an enormous number of female refugees—about 8 million of them—who were forced to flee to neighboring countries in Europe as they sought safety.

The piece was created in collaboration with BBC Eurovision and UA:PBC.

“TOGETHER: a Pixar Musical Adventure”

We became a part of the team to create a live mixed-reality show for the most immersive stage ever created at Disneyland Paris. We were invited to collaborate with the magnificent Disneyland Paris team to elevate the story they created. We brought our unique mixed-reality touch to create a cinematic experience on a live stage. In just six months, our groundbreaking workflow, embraced by the Disneyland Paris team, achieved top-notch quality, marrying digital and physical seamlessly.

Pride and gratitude fill us for the trust and innovation that shaped this extraordinary show! As a result, Disneyland Paris with the “TOGETHER: a Pixar Musical Adventure” has won the number of prestigious awards, including Parksmania Award for European Top New Attraction and now has been announced as a finalist for the Brass Ring Awards by IAAPA in the category "Most Creative Theatrical Production". We are confident that this show will continue to win more awards in the coming year!


In 2023, our President and Co-Founder, Val Syganevich, delivered impactful presentations worldwide, showcasing expertise in live entertainment. At the beginning of the year, he presented "Live Magic Show Experiences Without Magicians" and explored how to merge cinematic magic with live performances at the IAAPA Education session. He participated in a panel discussion "Themed Entertainment Attractions 101" at the SEA Show in Riyadh, which highlighted fundamental principles. At SATE in Kansas City, he addressed "How Live Entertainment Can Beat the Metaverse," emphasizing sustained engagement for future generations. Collaborating with Firefly Creations at IAAPA Orlando, he discussed 'Breaking Through Digital Realities: Illusions in Next-Level Live Shows & Experience Design.' Further, he contributed to a panel at the 6th annual Symposium for TEAAS during IAAPA, discussing technology's role in enhancing live entertainment without distraction. Those presentations revealed a deep understanding of industry trends and a commitment to pioneering captivating experiences in themed entertainment.

Our approach has evolved to align with the ever-changing demands of the industry. Today's audience expects attractions and experiences that are not only easily understandable, but also repeatable and updated with fresh content. They want their experiences to be a blend of both physical and digital worlds, with immersive stories that continue across different mediums, keeping them engaged and captivated.

To meet these expectations, we have launched two new divisions that will help us create next-level, top-notch live entertainment using the latest creative and technological innovations of today and the future. These divisions will keep us at the forefront of the industry, catering to the demands of modern audiences who seek a seamless blend of entertainment and technology and who crave unforgettable experiences that they can enjoy time and time again.

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