Chivas x Cannes

360° Activation

Kyiv, Ukraine — 2012

We were faced with the challenge of developing a unifying conceptual solution for the series of PR campaign events to promote the Chivas & Cannes Film Festival partnership to different groups of consumers. We were also tasked with developing and implementing the visual format of each event within the framework of the overriding concept. In addition to providing conceptual solutions, we were also engaged to develop a set design, decorative elements and POS materials, and the graphic design of layouts for all printed and advertising materials. We formulated the themes and music format for each event, and we selected performers and worked with them.

Chivas VIP Dinner. Headliners - Grammy-winning musician Chilly Gonzales, Canada and “The Hardkiss”, Ukraine.

Cannes Chivas Party. Headliner - Emma Lanford, Great Britain.

Chivas House Opening Party. Headliner - Alloise Richter, Ukraine.

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