360° immersive multimedia show

KSA National Cultural Awards ceremony 2022

Riyadh, KSA — 2022

Our team produced a 360° immersive multimedia show, consisting of four unique performances for the Culture Awards Ceremony, in record time. Each part of the show had a spirit who travels through four different wild and desolate landscapes of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The main character was created with Motion Capture technology by Xsens. That allowed us to recreate powerful movements in an authentic and seamless manner to deliver the energy of live dance.

This was one very challenging production, given the short terms of only three weeks to create content of 20 min duration (2TB of data) for a panoramic 360* video walls of 24000px*1680px, and ceiling - 4680px*3300px.

The audience was surrounded by a fantastic world of desert mountains and dunes based on the landscape of the region. The spirit made of golden sand, personifying the combination of various talents of the Award’s participants, transformed his appearance as well as the environments he traveled through during the show multiple times.

وزارة الثقافة Ministry of Culture of KSA


Show concept and execution
Avocado Toast

Multimedia show production
Freckled Sky

Creative Direction
TRI. Direction

Eugene Lekh, Matthew Hunter, Yevhen Pylinskyi, Aliaksei Aleksandrovich, Dmytro Drapikovskyi, Maksym Haryfullyn

CG Supervisor
Oleksandr Korchuk

Digital character supervision & technical support

Ruslan Makhov

Volodymyr Marchuk

Video system design & management
Bild Studios

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