Lil Yachty x Spotify

“King Of The Sea” Album Launch

Atlanta, GA, USA — 2018

Music triggers assortment of images. Listen to Lil Boat 2. Caustic verses smash against brick walls of industrial Atlanta and transform into scarlet sunrise over the scorching desert. Music builds up, leading to a gale, then to a raging sea, seemingly more powerful than a person. Yet, the person can subdue the chaos. Lil Yachty has literally parted his red sea into two giant walls of water.

Event Concept

Event Execution
META: The Art of Being There

Show Production and Creative
Freckled Sky

Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction
Mariia Hryhorashchenko, Nataliya Lysenkova, Nataliia Rovenska

Video Content, Software, Technologies
Front Pictures

Technical Director
Natalka Zheludova

Lighting Design and Programming

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