La Dolce Vita

New Supercar Launch Tour

Rome, Paris, Lausanne, London, Dusseldorf — 2017

Presentations of the most iconic super car in the world, whose owner lives the Dolce Vita every day.

Format: Exclusive private lounge touring through cultural centers of Europe: Rome, Paris, Lausanne, London, and Düsseldorf.

With CGI and motion capture, we drive human capacity far beyond its limits. Made of the same materials as a car – glass, metal, and leather – our characters are as perfect. Our characters deliver a sensation of a supercar touch.

Event Concept and Execution
Genius Progetti

Show Production and Creative
Freckled Sky

Concept, Direction, Art-direction
Mariia Hryhorashchenko, Nataliya Lysenkova, Nataliia Rovenska

Video Content, Software, Technologies
Front Pictures

Technical Director
Natalka Zheludova

Choreography Direction
Kostya Gordienko


Lera Kyrychenko

Sasha Stinger

Nazar Didyk

Music and Sound Design
Eugene Filatov (The Maneken)

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