New Supercar Launch Tour

London, Berlin — 2016

“Catwalk” was a new kind of multimedia show featuring the most iconic supercar in the world. By experiencing a unique blend of technology and drama, guests were able to immerse themselves in a wonderful experience and a new kind of artistic performance.

In this show very special supermodels glided down the catwalk: new models of the most iconic supercar in the world. This is a seamless, interactive, multimedia show, in which the car appeared at the very beginning. Spectators were able to feel its magnetism within moments of first laying eyes on it. These 12 minutes were stressful and intense, but they were also great to live through.

Event Concept and Execution
Genius Progetti

Show Production and Creative
Freckled Sky

Concept, Direction, Art-direction
Mariia Hryhorashchenko, Nataliya Lysenkova, Nataliia Rovenska

Video Content, Software, Technologies
Front Pictures

Technical Director
Natalka Zheludova

Choreography Direction
Vasya Kozar

Choreography Direction Dancers
Kozar Dance Theatre

Dancers Inc.

Nazar Didyk

Music and Sound Design
Alex Chorny

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