The Challenge

Aditya Birla Group Award Ceremony

Mumbai, India — 2016

Interactive multimedia show “The Challenge” is a futuristic story around the search for the truth. In our created world, people are all-powerful. Our hero fights sandy giants; he can glow brighter than fire or become colder than ice; he imbues life into statues of ancient goddesses; he finds an exit from an infinite maze; he levitates; he manipulates an ancient pyramid, as if it were a Rubik's cube. For ​the show we created new technology that allows a performer to “fly” and appear at different heights without suspenders. The sync between video and interactive effects allowed our hero to manipulate the space, evoking sensation of a real miracle.

2018 Visual Artists Awards 'Best Mapping With Human Interaction' Winner
2017 Hermes Creative Awards Platinum Winner

Aditya Birla Group

Event Concept and Execution
Fountainhead MKTG

Show Production and Creative
Freckled Sky

Concept, Direction, Art-direction
Mariia Hryhorashchenko, Nataliya Lysenkova, Nataliia Rovenska

Video Content, Software, Technologies
Front Pictures

Choreography Direction
Vasya Kozar

Kozar Dance Theatre

Nazar Didyk

Music and Sound Design
Alex Chorny

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