Algida Sales Meeting

Istanbul, Turkey — 2016

We accomplished a holographic show told in the form of an associative fantasy story about a team of superheroes that are able to overcome any difficulties. They are brave and adventurous dreamers. They black out the moon and set the sun ablaze. The trees shelter them before bedtime and wake them up in the morning.

Unilever Turkey

Event Concept and Execution
COLORS Creative Project Management

Show Production and Creative
Freckled Sky

Concept, Direction, Art-direction
Mariia Hryhorashchenko, Nataliya Lysenkova, Nataliia Rovenska

Video Content, Software, Technologies
Front Pictures

Technical Director
Natalka Zheludova

Choreography Direction
Olga Goldys, Max Peknyi

Olga Goldys, Max Peknyi, Dmitriy Zhuk, Yevgen Karyakin

UBERlove by Victoria Nozhenko

Music and Sound Design
Alex Chorny

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