Space Geometry

BMW 7 Launch Event

Kyiv, Ukraine — 2015

Our goal with this was a minimalistic interactive multimedia show that conveyed the spirit and mood of the new BMW 7. We achieved harmony through a combination of factors: graphics, music, and choreography.

The monochrome dots and lines, the uneven bits of music, and the disjointed movements of the dancers functioned like a digital Morse code that served to convey a wordless universe, in which everything has meaning, just like the BMW universe.


2017 Hermes Creative Awards Gold Winner

BMW Ukraine

Event Concept and Execution
SAME - Marketing Communications Agency

Concept, Creative Direction, Show Production
Freckled Sky

Freckled Sky, Front Pictures, Nikolay Boychenko

Video Content, Software, Technologies
Front Pictures

Choreography Direction
Nikolay Boychenko

D'Arts Dance Project

Nikolay Boychenko

Drehz - Heart Cry